When You Realize You Were Left Behind


These are being posted before the Rapture takes place,
and I'm posting them for anyone who finds himself left behind.



   8 min

The basic message is that Jesus Christ has removed his believers from the earth before the wrath of God is poured out upon it. The time of God's wrath is seven years.

What you must know:

  • 1. The government will try to offer an explanation for our disappearance. It will be a lie. The world is going to come under a great delusion. Do not believe it. We were NOT taken by a UFO. We were taken by the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Word of God, the Bible, warns those left behind that you MUST NOT take the "Mark of the Beast." This is a mark or chip taken on or in your body, on your hand or forehead. This mark will change your DNA and make you beyond redemption. Do not under ANY circumstances, even death, do NOT take the mark or chip. 
  • If you refuse the Mark or chip, you will probably die. But do not fear it. If you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, you will find yourself immediately in heaven. Do NOT fear it.
  • If you have not surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, there is still time. Do that today. Confess to him that you acknowledge that you are a sinner, and that you're ready to surrender your life to him, and you will be saved.