Margaret MacDonald Was Actually POST-Trib

·         MacDonald’s vision was in 1830, 3 years after Darby’s conclusions about the Rapture
·         MacDonald was a member of the charismatic movement of 1830. John Darby went to investigate and dismissed her “vision” as "demonic."  If Darby thought MacDonald to be under an "evil spell," why on earth would he use her writings to form some new doctrine?
·         MacDonald’s  statements show her to hold a POST-trib position. She said of the Tribulation:
"…being the fiery trial which is to try us …for the purging and purifying of the real members of the body of Jesus."  She looked for the Church being purged by the Antichrist. This is not pre-trib belief. Pre-trib doctrine shows the Church being removed BEFORE THE COMING of the Antichrist.
·         Margaret MacDonald’s Prophecy