Is 2017 The Year?

by Scott Clarke

2017 Is Jubilee Year 5777

All eyes should be on the year 2017. Dan Goodwin explains why.

The Revelation 12 Countdown

by Daniel W. Matson

Did Ken Peters See a Vision of The Rapture And The Tribulation?

Friends, I am very skeptical when it comes to dreams and visions because I've seen so much that is false. I'm posting this because I listen to pastor Steve Cioccolanti so I have some respect for his discernment. So here it goes, make up your own mind.

Steve Cioccolanti

Here is the part of Ken Peter's testimony concerning the Rapture:

Here is the full 1-1/2 hour testimony:

Gog And Magog

by Amir Tsarfati

CERN Update by Anthony Patch -A MUST-HEAR

by Anthony Patch on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

A VERY informative discussion on CERN and it's association with all that's expected to happen THIS YEAR.

Fast forward to 1 hour 17 min 

The Book of Gad

Gary Stearman and Ken Johnson

2017-2018 The Final Jubilee - Season of the Rapture

by Kevin Clarkson and Dan Goodwin

UN Gathering Of 70 Nations-Jan 15 2017


Mark this day in your calendar to look back to as events later unfold.

January 15, 2017

Today, there is a UN gathering of nations in France, to come against Israel and to elevate the Palestinians' claims against Israel. Some fear there will be a declaration of the "Palestinian State."

FYI: This new "nation" intends to be established WITHIN the borders of Israel. Can you imagine the hubris of Satan, daring to challenge God by creating an enemy nation WITHIN Israel's borders?

In the Bible, God established 70 as the number of nations representing the world.

Guess how many nations are gathered in Paris today.

The Bible predicts that the whole world will come against Israel. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of that prophecy.

This is truly a historic day in world history, and in the lead-up to the beginning of the "Tribulation" which many believe will begin this year in the fall.

Pay attention, folks!

Chronology Of The Tribulation Events

L A Marzulli interview with Bill Salus

The Prophecy Code

Jesus rebuked the Jews for not knowing the time of their visitation. 

If he expected them to recognize the time, might he expect us to know the time of our visitation? 

The Bible contains patterns we can examine to see if they are repeated in our time. The expectation that the Jews should recognize the time of their visitation based on a prophecy in the Book of Daniel which clearly predicted the exact date that the Messiah would be presented to Israel as King.

Let's take a look at that prophecy and see if we can perhaps show that the pattern presented in Daniel might very well be applicable to our day.


How Close Are We To The False Global Religion?

Pastor Tom Hughes doesn't name "the False Prophet," but...

Sir Nicholas Winton

The word "hero" is reserved for people like this. He is the British version of Oskar Schindler. WHAT a testimony!

Obama's Legacy -Jan Markell

Israel And Obama

Revealing The Truth About The Obama Presidency 

The Seven Raptures

by Robert Breaker